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Azza's Powerwall
Hi all

I m starting my project off quite small, testing a few batterys at a time and building up to get it all done in one big power draining/saving Powerwall,

I have a 2.35kw solar system gets me 11kw per day back to the grid
but I m about to upgrade this system to a 6kw with taking the solar panels off the roof and using them for the powerwall project for the first bit, I will then (once i have the powerwall wanting more this 11kw) move the solar across to the powerwall one panel at a time,

So far i have tested about 200 x 18650s cells in the last 3 days with only a 5% fail rate

Cell Testing
for my charging setup, I am still setting this up but all up it will be 40 x TP4056 chargers, this charger has 2 leds on it to show status, Red for charging and green for complete/failed cells, with failed cells they show as you place the cells in for charging so It is easy to tell from the start
[Image: MxBSmEZl.jpg?1]

I am wanting to hide the cables as much as I can as I just want it to be a plug in and start charging kinda thing.

I dont really have a good way to discharge that many cells yet but I m working on it, any suggestions would be great,

As you can see I am somewhat coping NERDVille with his charging setup, I like the looks of his discharging station.

In the next week I will be increasing my charging to 40 cells at once, as it is only 12 cells right now

Hey Azza, nice work so far. I just ordered a bunch of TP4056 and some 18650 holders as well to set up my charging station.

Looking forward to seeing your progress
Tesla101 Wrote:Hey Azza, nice work so far. I just ordered a bunch of TP4056 and some 18650 holders as well to set up my charging station.

yeah I ended up ordering way too many was wanting to get 100 but an accounting error got me 1100, I didn't need that many so I gave most of them away, Sad I should have kept them, oh well

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